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WeConnect aims to connect refugees with local initiatives in Berlin through social activities in:

  • Art


  • Sport


  • Music


  • Food


  • Education



Duygu Cebiroğlu

Duygu Cebiroğlu

Hi, my name is Duygu. I am one of the initiators of WeConnect and responsible for the project management and communication.

As a cultural scientist with a so-called migrant background I got tired of political debates on „integration“ a long time ago. To push forward the idea of inclusion, make it vivid and at the same time spread as much fun as possible, I decided to become a WeConnecter.

Stefan Perlebach

Stefan Perlebach

Hi, my name is Stefan. At WeConnect I am responsible for the community management and research.

If not travelling with a VW-Bus and a „Kickertisch“ to India, it might happen that I search for opportunities to do something meaningful. After trying to get in touch with refugees this year and realising that this is not as easy as expected, the idea of WeConnect arised.

Irma Cirikovic

Irma Cirikovic

Hi, I'm Irma and I do the graphic design and content management for WeConnect.

Coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina to a western european country in the 90s, my family and I were lucky to have met nice people who helped us to feel welcome. Knowing that a lot of others don't have that much luck on their path as we did, I want to help make newcomers feel more welcome in society.

Mozamel Aman

Mozamel Aman

Hi, I'm Mozamel and I am in charge of the community development at WeConnect.

Being in a new country, culture and surrounding is not easy, especially when you have no idea what is out there for you. That is what I have experienced when I first arrived in Berlin last year. So I felt the need for a platform like WeConnect, which makes a new beginning more easy-going and fun.

Christian Jellinghaus

Christian Jellinghaus

Hi, I'm Christian and working as a software engineer in Berlin. At WeConnect I work on all the bits and bolts for our website.

About WeConnect Berlin

Through personal experiences, interviews and research, we found out that many refugees have a hard time to engage socially and follow their interests and hobbies in Berlin. Many of them don't have easy access to and lack information about local initiatives and organisations, that offer recreational activities. Furthermore, cultural and language barriers as well as mostly isolated locations of refugee camps complicate social engagement. To facilitate contact and intercultural exchange, WeConnect collects various offers of initiatives and organisations and presents them to refugees and locals alike. At the same time WeConnect gives refugees and locals the possibility to create their own activities within the five categories.

  • Want to share a unique cooking experience with others?
  • Want to open your workshops and classes to newcomers?
  • Want to play soccer but have no idea where and with whom?
  • Want to promote activities you are already doing with refugees?

Just get started and write us an email: info@weconnect.berlin

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